Person Riding A Horse

Horses and Women have been a part of my life for long decades. I started off early on horses from a young age and perfected my own skill after at the military academy. I also picked up horse polo in the academy, though I dare say I wasn’t a champion in this field of sport.

Horses drew me nearer to girls and after varied experiences have reasoned that riding a horse may be an exhilaration that is almost akin to a conquest of a woman. My first experience of horse riding was when I was in my 6th standard. My dad an officer at the. Indian armed forces got me enrolled with his influence at the native BSF horse battalion. After first pains and aches, I started to love riding horses. I realized I had a good vibration with my horses and I knew them as they understood me. I realized this as I galloped across hills and dales at Mhow.

When I entered the academy, I had a head start over others who had just begun t ride horses. I was an adept rider and hence the instructor gave me lots of leeways. I was left alone for extended periods. He also introduced me to his daughter that was a blond and as great a horse rider as everyone can encounter.

By a quirk of fate, we were often thrown together and when riding we developed an intimacy that has lived with me down the years.So frequently we would ride to the distant hills and tether the horses into a tree when we followed up with time in each others arms.

Sally (I will give her this title, not the real one) was also a wonderful polo player and that’s how I got hooked on the game. It gives me great pleasure I played horse polo as it is a game that earlier was the preserve of the Maharajas such as Bhupinder Singh of Patiala and the maharajah of Jaipur. This was the most exhilarating term in the academy. However, all good things come to an end the Sergeant Major got transferred back to England. The moving of Sally affected me and I never developed my Horse polo after she left, but riding continued. Even now whenever I am in Mumbai I ride at the Amateur Riders Club, Mahalaxmi, Harker Heights Wildlife Removal and at Singapore in the Police academy. I thus stay fit and thank my father he forced me to learn to ride.

Riding has its spillover effect. The first is physical fitness and increased stamina. Both of these are the ingredients that induce life. I have been saddened that this game is out of reach for 99% of my countrymen and only if one joins the police or armed forces can one have access to horses and be a rider or if one is wealthy. The last category has tons of cash and a few like my Parsi buddy own heaps of stallions. Some also have horse farms which develop race horses. I have ridden a few and I can say riding a race horse requires greater ability as the horse once in gallop can be mastered only by a skillful rider. It may also be harmful as was seen when a horse threw the Superman Star Steeve Reeves off his back and the great star broke his neck. Certainly this is a macho sport, but in my opinion the thrill is great.

There’s a spillover as I have found women are attracted to horse riders. I won’t dwell on this aspect much as it’s a personal matter. However, if a person has seen the Hindi film” Zubieda” starring Manoj Bajpai as the Maharajah and Karishma Kapoor as his love says it all. A horse is a terrific creature, he senses the disposition of the rider. I remember I was in a surly mood in the Mahalaxmi after a tiff with my girl and the great beast sensed it. He refused to gallop and sauntered around to where my girl was on a horse. What an animal, who can believe it?

Lastly a bit of baring the soul. Horses and women go together. But this is not the same game and there are thrilling moments and sad ones. Sad when one of my buddies captain Sangha died playing polo after a fall and happy at some of the loveliest girls who I’ve dated were also riders like me.

Lastly, what can I write further? I’ll just add that horses and women go together and I expect many young men and women can ride this game. India is the laggard and it’s about time we caught up with the world. Let’s not forget those terrific Indian Hindu warriors like Bindusara and Chandragupta that were great horse riders. For Hindu kings and warriors it was a manly game, so let us pick up the threads.

Ideas for Your Art

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Are you searching for a way to make an interesting background for your mixed media artwork? First you want to decide on your overall theme. Would you like a natural, rustic look or does your artwork need a bright, colorful background? Here are a few ideas.

Corrugated cardboard. You can add a wonderful, natural look to your artwork by utilizing corrugated cardboard. Remove some of the paper from the cardboard so that the corrugated lines could be viewed. This is a fantastic way to recycle some of that cardboard you’ve been saving.

You can find old books at library sales, garage sales and at second hand shops very inexpensively. The pages can be torn, sanded, tea stained, painted with watercolors and used to make wonderful backgrounds.

Textured fabric.

Modeling paste. You can create a great deal of trendy, dimensional textures for your artwork by using modeling glue and stencils or other items like plastic mesh. If you don’t need to buy the glue, you can make your own. There are an assortment of modeling glue recipes online.

Paper napkins. Paper napkins are available in a wide selection of patterns, designs and colours and offer an inexpensive way to decorate almost any surface. You can decoupage the entire napkin onto your background or cut out certain parts to improve or act as a focal point on your art.

Crackle technique. This is a good technique to use when you wish to add an aged, weathered effect to your art. The basic idea is to apply paint to your surface and after it’s dry, put on a coat of white glue or crackling Bat Removal and cover it with a paint that contrasts the color of the initial layer.

Aluminum foil. Add texture to foil by wrinkling it and then smoothing it out with your hand. It can be colored with alcohol ink, nail polish or indelible markers.

Shelf liner. I like to buy shelf liner from the dollar store to use as wallpapers in my art. Often I will spray paint it before I use it. Note: I do my spray painting on newspaper which leaves behind a gorgeous design which can be utilised as a background in different projects.

There is not any shortage of materials you can use to create your mixed media backgrounds. Decide which type of art you’ll be creating and choose colors and textures that will complement your finished piece.

Water Activities That Are a Must Try

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Water sports are more than entertaining and are appreciated by people all over the world. Watersports aren’t just fun but are quite helpful for the health also.

According to many researchers, water sports help to improve the mood too. They can instantly make you feel better and will help you get rid of physical, as well as emotional stress. They can build your strength and enthusiasm in your life, making you a much more active part of society. Here we have six amazing water activities that are a must to try.


Out of this numerous water sports, one of the most budding water experiences is wakeboarding. It is quite similar to water skiing where the rider rides on a single plank, towed behind a ship so you can slide through the water. It is much easier to perform when compared to other water sports, which require more attention on equilibrium. It’s one of the most recent water sports, which is slowly being noticed by adventurers who see different parts of the world to indulge in water adventure activities. People have started to prefer Bird Removal to water skiing as it needs less speed and focus on balance; however, more wind is required in wakeboarding compared to other water activities.

Knee Boarding

One of the first steps before you head to hard-hitting water game, Kneeboarding is the ideal alternative for beginners, and those who wish to delve deeper into water adventures. Done with the help of a knee-board, it takes less attention on balance than water-skiing and is lots of fun nonetheless.


More of a serene, exploration game, kayaking is the perfect water sport activity for people who wish to spend the afternoon paddling along the mangroves, backwaters and mini bays. When the weather allows, it may be among the most enjoyable sports sports during monsoon season. Take the time to plan a suitable kayaking trip when the weather is appropriate.

Sailing on a Yacht

Another terrific experience is taking a ride on a yacht where you can observe the beauty of the sea and relax & chill out in the peaceful surroundings of the sea, and you will certainly collect some magical moments in your life. There are several options for cruising around the sea while enjoying activities like sunbathing, fishing, snoozing, dining & eating, and of course, romancing. However, if you’re considering going on a brief river boat cruise, visit Mandovi River to receive one of the best river cruise options.

Paddle Boarding

Do not confuse this water sport with that of a simple surfboard. Paddleboarding may seem like the easiest thing to do at first sight, but in fact, it is one of the toughest water adventure activities and requires a whole lot of power to carry out especially because you need to stand up with just one paddle in hand while canoeing. This activity is the latest addition to the list of most thrilling water sports in the world, which is rapidly growing in popularity. The game was started by Thomas Edward Blake in the early 1930s.

White River Rafting in Goa

Looking for river rafting? Well, Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) recently introduced white river rafting in Goa on the Mhadei River, at a small village called Ustem in Valpoi, Sattari. GTDC started this wonderful game in cooperation with a company named Southern River Adventures and Water Sports Pvt. Ltd.. People who love adventure sports will find this place no less than paradise, since it is surrounded by beautiful trees and plant vegetation. Foreign travellers love this place and see it in large numbers every year.

Bring Out the Best in You and Your Child

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While we require a permit for doing numerous things in life, there is no requirement of a license for getting a parent and this is sometimes the most difficult of all our daily activities. These days, parenting is much trickier than it was, even a single generation before. Numerous well-intentioned parents are using inefficient and obsolete parenting styles. And as a result, they encounter regular stress and frustration in their house.

Exploring Top Six Great Parenting Skills In Short

Let’s check out top 6 great parenting tips which will inspire children to want for being well behaved, can enhance family joy and mitigate family fights.


Giving our children an establishment to become a healthy and happy adult is one of the greatest things we can do to help our kids. However, you should neglect to look after yourself. To be a good parent, you need self-care so you can turn into a balanced and healthy human being too. There are numerous children who live with parents that aren’t fun to be around and constantly stressed out. If you’re constantly getting stress, it will not be a pleasant experience for you or your family.

  1. Put your marriage before your kids

Some kids nowadays are raised with a very bad sense of privilege since their parents have made them the core of the world. With the numbers of divorce still hanging about 50%, kids are also sometimes dealing with failing, unhappy marriages, and divorce – quite worse for them than missing out on a set of brand name toys or clothes. So, take your stand and put some time and efforts into your marriage-for the sake of your entire family.

  1. Care for your children

Irrespective of your situation-no matter how often the children make you literally crazy-know there are various people in this universe who would delightfully exchange places with you. There are some couples that are ready to offer everything for only having a child. Try to recall how really lucky you’re. So, hug your kid at least 3 times every day.


In case kids aren’t being praised or getting attention for what they do correctly and if they behave properly, you should believe they’re going to learn to get focus on not behaving correctly. If you discover more what you prefer regarding what they are doing, they are less likely to change into catastrophic small terrors and the more likely you will motivate your kid for repeating the good behaviors and accomplishments you prefer.

  1. Give your family much-required Excellent time

This is another important parenting advice to remember. Spend time with your kids to have fun together. It also offers your family the much-required excellent time.


Never do anything to your child which you would not want the kid for doing to you. There are many things you don’t wish to be doing incorporate: placing downs, spitting, hitting, yelling, etc.. There are a few better ways to take care of stress, conflict, and common misbehaviors. Follow a good parenting guide and devote to learning great parenting skills which depend on mutual respect – not the fear-based punishment which just makes our children learn not to get caught again.


Take some time to learn how to bring out the best in you and your child so you can get the greatest mind peace – knowing that you did everything to lead a healthy and happy family life.

One Simple Question

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Finding time to savor your life becomes so much easier as you learn the art of introducing simple attitude shifts to your day.

Frequently, when you feel yourself slipping into a rut of fear, anxiety, or negativity, something as easy as pausing and asking yourself the right question will open your mind and transfer it into exploring a freshnew approach. As you practice and get comfortable with this skill, I think you’ll be amazed at how fast and significantly you can shift your own perspective.

Here’s a great example: How do you behave when an unfamiliar challenge pops up?

Can you prop yourself! That’s a very familiar response for many.

But did you realize that tensing your body does not just affect your muscles? Indeed, it constricts your problem-solving abilities and inhibits your creativity, too.

Likewise, anxiety creates a simplistic either/or scarcity mentality. That’s definitely not the ideal mindset for creative thinking.

So you can see how, when fear takes the driver’s seat, you find it much more challenging to prioritize. It’s also more difficult to fix problems and make decisions. And it’s more difficult to keep to a healthy schedule.

But there is good news about all this.

You may swiftly conquer the natural tendency to tense with another natural impulse.


Curiosity is one of the most powerful antidotes to fear. And it offers the ideal climate for learning.

Mobilizing your curiosity also really changes you for the better. That is because you stop focusing self-consciously on the you-who-doesn’t-know, and change in the you-who-is-eager-to-figure-it-out.

Give it a go.

Any time you notice yourself apprehensively thinking, “What if…?” try replacing that with “I wonder what… ?”

As you regain your inner balance with this very simple question, you’ll find it much easier to ride the new wave of change with smart time choices. Try it and Learn More

Go On Holiday With Their Dogs

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Have you ever gone on a holiday despairing why you left your pet at home? Finding out that there are other people on the identical holiday along with their dogs. Many individuals now like to go on a holiday with their dogs, and so can you! Just have a note of those things before you decide to take your furry friend with you on vacation.

Is Your Pet Willing To Travel With You? – Many dogs like to travel with their owners, but this is not correct for each dog. To travel happily and safely your dog ought to be health, able to cope with new environment, ought to be house-trained and enjoy traveling. A stressed dog will neither enjoy the trip nor will allow you to enjoy it and cause trouble. A joyful and well-behaved puppy, on the contrary, will make you enjoy the trip.

What Are Your Plans On The Holiday? – All of the pet owners love their dogs, and it is very difficult to leave your dog behind when going on a vacation, even if it’s in their best interest. But if you’ve planned activities that don’t involve your pet or you intend to visit places that don’t welcome pets – then its best that you call a trusted family member or friend and ask them to keep your pet for you in your absence, or you can hire a pet care-taker or get a boarding kennel. But if you plan to be relaxing at a lake or take long walks on track then you can take your dog with you.

Are You Planning To Travel? – Many people who travel with their pets travel in their own automobiles and for good reason so that they can check on their own dogs. But if you are travelling thorough plane, then you need to leave your dog alone for some time since he’ll be flying in the cargo where you won’t be able to check him.

  • Pet policies are different in each cruise line, so when you make your reservation check on the pet policies of the ship. You need to check whether they allow the dog to stay in the cottage or are there any extra charges if you’re accompanied with more than two dogs.

All these things are crucial and you want to pay attention towards them when traveling with your dog. Don’t forget to perform the cleanup of your dog’s mess, as many cruises will appreciate you for this and welcome you again. Enjoy your travel with your furry friend!

Goal-Setting and a Morning Routine

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There’s a definite correlation between achieving our targets and our morning routine, and it should support our pursuit of our targets. A morning routing is exactly what you do in the morning from when you get up to when you leave for or start work. The end point is your choice. A typical morning routine for an under-achiever might be something like this:

Alarm goes off. Repeat 3 or 4 times. Or just turn it off entirely and doze off.
Eyes fly open. Reach for the alarm/phone in panic mode to determine what time it is.
Hurry to the shower, get dressed in a hurry and hurry to the kitchen for coffee and possibly a quick bite.
Rush around searching for work bag, making sure it has got everything. Can’t find shoes or car keys.
Pour the coffee into travel mug, catch bag and keys, say good-bye to family and rush to work.
Get to office late and be grumpy all day.
Any of that seem familiar? I understand some of it does for me.
A fantastic morning routine begins the night before. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to package your workout bag, put your shoes and keys where you are able to find them and put out the clothes you will wear in the morning. When you are rushing, these things take at least twice as long as you are focused on the fact that you are running late. Next move your alarm to your dresser or someplace you must get out of bed to turn it off. Leave your phone with your work bag if you are not in a job which needs you to be on-call at night. Proceed to bed early. Give yourself 7 to 8 hours of time to sleep before the alarm goes off. Choose the amount that is appropriate for you and stay with it.

When the alarm goes off, you need to get out of bed to turn it off. Make sure it’s a loud, annoying alarm, not some soft chime you’ll sleep through. Do NOT return to bed. Ideally, you exercise now. You can do 5 difficult minutes to start. Get your heart rate up and work a little sweat. Increase the exercise time until you’re doing 30 minutes or longer. Start getting up a little earlier every day. Shower and dress for the day. Have breakfast at a leisurely pace, even if it’s just toast. When done, catch your work bag, keys and anything else you want and head to work 15 minutes earlier. If you work from home, you can get started 15 minutes earlier.

This sets you up for a fantastic day. Exercise in the morning can make a big difference in the world for daily. You’re energized and you have already accomplished something. Your morning goes from a rushed mess to an orderly time of effective actions and habit construction. There’s a lot more you can do with your morning routine. Walk the neighborhood for example. Spend 5 or 10 minutes in prayer or contemplation. Write in your diary. Spend 15 minutes or more on your side hustle. Any and all of these things sets the tone for the day. You have achieved something or several somethings before you start your work day. You’re not grumpy and fixated on how badly the day began.

You’ve set yourself up to hit the ground running and work on your targets. For more go to Windcrest Wildlife Removal

Others Affect You

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Ever wondered how to be happy and content without letting others influence you? How can it be possible?

Let others’ presence not bother you. You do your stuff all by yourself whatever you can. If you need co-ordination or help, ask for it. When you go back to your work, do it coolly and be joyful. You will cover many milestones this way. Stay in slow and steady mode – after all, you are the person who will win at it. Perseverance and determination always count.

Let others’ words not bite at you. You may not let what others say hurt you. Be firm and strong and speak boldly. Everything will work out and you do not need to be a people pleaser.

Let how others behave not bother you. You cannot expect everyone to be perfect as well as your standard. Yet talk normally and accept them but do not let them hamper your ideas or work.

Let how other people dress not bother you. If there is a dress code at work and someone violates it, then they might need to pay for it. So you do not bother and sweat. If you don’t like how someone is dressed at a party or reunion, don’t bother to say anything. Just keep your distance and mix with the people you are comfortable with and keep contented.

It is not your job to fix anyone. Let others do what they like, talk, behave or wear anything they like. You don’t bother about such things unless it is your own family and would like to suggest something more rational or positive.

Learn to be satisfied with your stuff on your place at work or home. Don’t let anybody affect your peace of mind. You may sit in a backyard for sometime or spend your time in a home library. If you crave for someone’s business, let him or her understand that and allow them to spend some time with you for the time being and be content and happy.

Summing up, please don’t let others’ odd existence or behavior affect you. You might be in for a surprise or shock but it is totally their business. Control yourself and stay cool and at peace with yourself. That way you do not lose your temper or your peace of mind. Instead, tranquility surrounds you in your surroundings and you’re left with your thoughts and work to enjoy and be satisfied.

How to Choose Flowers

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Flowers are a perfect gift for many occasions. If you’re not aware of what flowers symbolize, picking out flowers for the right occasion can be challenging. Flowers can be given at just about any occasion. Some popular events to give flowers are birthdays, anniversary, get well, thank you, holidays, date, and wedding.

Red or pink flowers represent love and passion for one another therefore it’s always safe to present them on anniversaries. Just like there are particular gifts for each anniversary year; similarly there are specific flowers for each year too. Today I’m going to concentrate on wedding anniversary flowers in this post. However you’ll read about other event’s flowers in my future posts also.

Carnations – 1st Anniversary: First wedding anniversary is a time of celebration. Carnations are traditional flowers used for couple’s first wedding anniversary. These flowers represent young passionate love. Carnations come in various colours, so you can choose the ideal hue that represents your love.

Cosmos- 2nd Anniversary: By second anniversary couples have formed a more thorough understanding of each other with stronger unique love, and that is exactly what this gorgeous flower represents. The astonishing cosmos are ideal flowers for couples celebrating their wonderful two years together.

Sunflower- 3rd Anniversary: Sunflower represents the marriage of three years that is by now strong, passionate and vibrant. The powerful stalk of the sunflower signifies the powerful foundation of marriage. Beautiful yellow petals of the sunflower stand for passion and love. Fresh sunflower bouquets look extremely astonishing and are a clear indication of trust that has been created between the couple after being together for three decades.

Geranium- 4th Anniversary: This colorful and lively flower for 4th wedding anniversary is called geranium. It symbolizes happiness and positive emotions. Geranium arrangements are fantastic for your 4th anniversary when you and your spouse are comfortable with each other’s habits and have a much better understanding.

This simple but beautiful flower represents hope, loyalty and love which the couple has for each other after sharing all sorts of experiences together for 5 decades.

Calla Lily- 6th Anniversary: Calla Lily, an elegant flower symbolizes all of the terrific ways the two have grown over the six years of marriage, developed unique love and became even more attractive.

This beautiful flower also has a nice fragrance which has long been used in soaps and lotions. The freesia represents all the appreciation and love you hold for your loving partner and the amazing surprises the future holds for you two.

So this is the perfect time to remind yourself and your spouse of the day you two met and recall all the beautiful moments and passions you’ve shared together for these long eight years of marriage.

Bird of Paradise- 9th Anniversary: As you can tell by the title, this magnificent flower is one of a kind and an wonderful decision to celebrate the wonderful nine decades of marriage. This blossom points towards adventures still to come and all the excitement your love holds.

Daffodil – 10th year anniversary: The magnificent ten decades of marriage is an important number to celebrate and the brilliant daffodil blossoms are perfect for this occasion.

Roses- 15th Anniversary: Roses are called passion and romance and it fits perfect to be the blossom of 15th wedding anniversary when you have gone through a lot together. You and your spouse deserve this luxury flower by this time so giving red roses to your spouse will reveal how passionate you are about each other still.

Aster- 20th Anniversary: The tasteful aster flower is preferred for the 20th wedding anniversary. This star-like flower is known as symbol of patience, love and fortune. The soft elegance of its beaming blossom also reflects appreciation of the wisdom you’ve gained together in two decades.

Iris- 25th Anniversary: Iris is a royal flower and after 25 years of marriage it is perfect example to demonstrate your spouse how even more special they have become for you for spending a lot of years together. Celebrate your wonderful 25 years with this luxurious bouquet or an arrangement of those royal purple flowers.

Lily-30th Anniversary: By the 30th anniversary you and your spouse have grown and changed a lot but your commitment to each other remains the same. A bouquet of beautiful lily flower is filled with surprises. It comes in many colors and shapes. The magnificent lily will make a bold statement that you still have passion for your partner.

This special relationship has to be celebrated with the most exceptional and unique gladiola flower. These flowers represent the increase of your amazing memories and experiences that have changed your lives in the long forty years together.

Yellow Roses and Violets- 50th Anniversary: Fifty years of marriage is a special moment of your life. It should be celebrated the best way possible. As you have aged you gained plenty of memories experiences and have a special bond together that can never be explained. Together both of these flowers seem astonishing just like your couple. This is the only anniversary that has two distinct official flowers for celebration. These elegant flower arrangements will make your party even more beautiful and full of love and happiness.

Even More Interesting Than You Knew

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At times, they do some odd things that just a cat can imagine, and you will never figure out what they are thinking of. If you happen to own a pet cat, you’ll surely understand what I am talking about. However, should you not have a cat, but are planning to get one, you need to realize that it could be a wonderful experience which will always make you smile.

A number of facts that will let you discover new things about cats and leave you laughing are as follows:

There is a trend for cats to only meow at people, and very rarely at other felines.
Cats are capable of creating 100 vocal sounds, whereas dogs are only able to make 10.
If you talk to your cat more often, it will do exactly the same.
Kittens begin to dream when they are more than a week old.
Domestic cats sleep for a maximum of 14 hours, allowing them to save energy.
Thirty percent (30%) of the time cats are awake are invested in grooming themselves.
If you notice that your cat’s tail is quivering while beside you, it’s just a means of expressing her love and affection.
The eyes of cats are tightly shut whenever they are happy.
Do you ever wonder why mouse-flavored cat food is not available? The reason is cats who tried such food didn’t like the flavor.
Cats are known to clean themselves right after eating. By instinct, they have to eliminate the scent of food for predators to avoid smelling and running after them.
Cats have very clear vision at night because their eyes reflect light.
You should be proud when your cat licks you a lot since this shows that she feels protected whenever you’re around and considers you as a family member.
Man should first be ignored by a cat to fully understand how it feels to be rejected.
You can train cats to use the toilet like their litter box, and also flush it as soon as they are finished.
If your cat presents you with dead prey, do not feel disgusted. Instead, thank her since she considers this as her present to you.
Most cats strategy their owners that talk on the telephone, and meow as though they would like to join the conversation.
Indoor cats have a longer life than outdoor cats.
A cat will not use a dirty litter box, and would rather wait until it’s cleaned.
A cat cannot be forced to do something it doesn’t like to.
Cats never remain beside the ideal side of a closed-door.
There are approximately 30 muscles in each ear of a cat. Each ear can rotate 180 degrees, and needs 12 muscles to have the ability to move.
To display their affection, cats usually wrap the curly tip of their tail around their owner’s arm.
When a cat is frightened or upset, it will distribute her tail like a bush to appear larger and threatening.
A curious cat will always find a closed-door challenging. That’s why your kitty likes to accompany you inside your toilet.

Quick Yet Delicious Pasta

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The preference mostly comes with the type of sauce you serve with it, but it’s one of the ultimate comfort foods there are. Some pasta dishes are complicated to create and the cooking time is extended. But if you’re looking for a recipe that is quick to make but will still have the taste of a complex dish, these pasta recipes are definitely a must-try!

The Timeless Aglio E Olio

What you need:

1/2 kilogram spaghetti pasta
10 cloves garlic, sliced
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
1 tablespoon red chilli flakes
Salt and pepper to taste
Parmesan cheese
Cook pasta to al dente according to package instructions. Put garlic and olive oil in a pan and cook over medium high heat, stirring until garlic is golden. When ready, add the cooked pasta in the pan and toss to coat with oil and garlic. Serve warm and topped with parmesan cheese.
Creamy Mushroom and Zucchini Pasta

What you need:

1/2 kilogram pasta
1/2 kilogram cremini mushrooms, thinly sliced
2 pcs. Zucchini, thinly sliced and quartered
2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
2 sprigs thyme
4 1/2 cups water
2/3 cup green peas
1/3 cup grated parmesan
1/4 cup heavy cream
Kosher salt and ground black pepper to taste
Mix together pasta, mushrooms, zucchini, garlic, thyme, water and green peas in a large stock pot. Stir to combine ingredients well. Season with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil over medium high heat then lower heat and simmer until pasta is cooked, about 8 to 10 minutes. When ready, stir in parmesan and heavy cream. Remove from heat and allow to cool for a couple of minutes. Serve immediately.
Spicy Cheese and Shrimp Penne

What you need:

1/2 kilogram shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 onion, thinly sliced
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup penne pasta, cooked
1/3 cup olive oil
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
1 tbsp brown sugar
2 tsp soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
Kosher salt and black pepper
Combine garlic, olive oil, sugar, soy sauce and red pepper flakes in a large bowl. Add shrimp to the bowl and toss to coat with mixture. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Cook the shrimp and olive oil mix in a pan over medium high heat until shrimp is cooked through. Add the pasta to the pan, season with pepper and salt and stir fry until heated through. Serve garnished with onions and parmesan.
These pasta recipes will surely accelerate your cooking game!

You Want the Impossible

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By now, everyone has at least heard about the law of attraction. Simplistically, the law says that you get, by and large, what you consider.

Since”the secret” got out, many have attempted to think about all the things they need through the application of various techniques – directed meditations, vision boards, positive thinking, positive feeling, and so on. Some swear it works, others wonder what they’re missing and how come they still have not got what their mind is focused on.

So what’s missing? Is considering something, wanting it and feeling positively about the result to really materialize the object of your desires? Of course not! Thinking about what you need by itself won’t get you anything. You need to ACT on your thoughts and desires.

You need a new car (or some other life style improvement)? You need a better job? Start treating with integrity and respect the one you have now! You want more money? Start paying off your debts ! You want the perfect husband? Become the perfect wife (don’t just lie there wasting time in wishful thinking). Yes, the universe responds in kind but ONLY when you show that you are ready to take personal responsibility. And the only way to show you are accountable is by taking IMMEDIATE action.

Remember the old tale about the individual who was always begging God to help him win the lottery? 1 day God got fed up and said”At least purchase a lottery ticket”.

God promised rain but rain never came. Obviously the tribe complained to which God replied”I could have sent you rain, as promised, but you did not dig any ditches”

So it’s all good to want and visualize something. But you are not prepared to get it until you start acting on it. How should you behave? Do everything and anything. Acting randomly will lead you onto the right track just as surely as acting intentionally and systematically. The point is you will need to be doing something, to begin somewhere, anywhere. Don’t just sit there staring mindlessly in your vision boards. Get real! Instead of constantly talking about your dreams, act on them. Start”digging the ditches” and you will get rain, if rain is exactly what you desire. If you do not dig the ditches, rain becomes impossible to obtain (regardless of how much you beg for it).


Sharks are arguably the scariest deep-sea creature in the world. However, there is a much a bigger type of fish than a shark. It’s named Megalodon.

Believe it or not, this sort of fish was incredibly much larger and a lot ferocious in comparison to a shark! It was actually a monstrous prehistoric shark that’s huge enough to swallow an whole elephant.

It is one of the biggest predators that dominated the saline water in the early times.

Megalodon’s skeleton didn’t preserve very well since it was consisted largely of cartilage, instead of bone that’s very similar to that of the contemporary sharks. Theories about the anatomy and feeding habits of Megalodon stem largely from its fossilized teeth, which may reach up to 7 inches in length.

Moreover, experts think that Megalodons may have fed on porpoises and whales since there are a lot of whale bones which shows various teeth marks which could have been from the monstrous type of fish. Believe or not, the minute this monster shark exert more massive pressure with its bite, it is more than sufficient to slice the flesh of some of its prey.

At present, the size of the Megalodon is still a subject of intense debate. When you come right down to it, Megalodon is indeed the hugest fish that flourished in every corner of the planet’s deepest seas during the olden days. And like the sharks, Megalodon proved that it is once a successful species in this world.

Pesky Squirrels

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Because of their cute and cuddly nature and their adorable fluffy tails, many will often forget when they spot a squirrel that is actually a rodent that can cause considerable property damage while in search of food. While their diet primarily consists of nuts, fruits, seeds, and plant, during the early spring as much of this isn’t yet available this species will consume eggs, eggs, small birds, snakes and even other rodents. Squirrels are obviously clever and will often find ways to get food that other rodents would not usually be able to access, like eating out of bird feeders situated high off the ground or digging up seeds, nuts, and bulbs that were located by their excellent little noses. They’re also curious by nature and will easily explore new areas for food or a suitable den.

Squirrels over time have learned to cohabitate with humans and within many public parks and universities view us as ample resources of food. These rodents can be trained to be hand fed and often are considered a suitable pet within the home if raised from a really young age. They can be taught tricks and are normally as intelligent as most canine breeds. A few college campuses have even began a sport called squirrel fishing; a game where you attach a peanut into a string and a stick and see how far the squirrel could be lifted off the ground before releasing his snack. Others consider squirrels a viable food source throughout the United States; they are however high in cholesterol and have a strong gamey taste.

Squirrels build nests in which to live, and these can often be seen both high in trees and burrowed inside the floor. In squirrel infested areas that border residential houses they will also find attics and basements appropriate living environments; and they will often put to use substances found inside the house to build their nest. Power outages are also sometimes on account of the curious animal wandering across a grounded power line and brushing against a transformer, and twice this species has been demonstrated to topple even the mighty NASDAQ stock market.

Keeping squirrels out of your home can often prove difficult for the average homeowner, particularly if there’s a large population of those nearby. This species can grow to be very territorial during mating period (or after giving birth) and a quiet attic can frequently become the ideal hideout for these creatures. The easiest way to prevent an infestation is to reduce entry in the first place by sealing up any holes or other entryways which would normally go unnoticed. In northern areas it is also important not to overlook the chimney; using their exceptional climbing ability squirrels can descend right down it. If a professional is required, they will install small metal cages to trap the creature within and use favorite treats such as nuts or peanut butter as incentives. Others have had success deploying a blanket rubbed across their pet or deploying animal urine to produce the illusion of a predator inside the crawlspace, but so long as there is access the squirrel will eventually return.

Largemouth bass

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The species,’Largemouth bass’ belongs to the group of’micropterus psalmodies’ biologically and is prevalently understood by various kinds of names. Some call it ‘wide-mouth bass’, some others term it as’bigmouth’ or’black bass’! Whatever be the name by which you tackle it, the’largemouth bass’ is a subject of interest to all who prefer to study on the different species of living creatures which lie around in this wide world! ‘Largemouth bass’ is recognized as the’state fish’ of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida and Tennessee.

The body color of these species resembles the emerald colour or which in other words can be termed as an olive color and this makes the physical shape little interesting! You can observe some dark marks scattered on every side of the body that provides the total body shape a quaint look! Another specialty is that the upper jaw reaches to the back border of the orbit that’s the cavity of the skull in which the eyes are situated. These are popularly called the’game fish’ and generally they will grow up to 30 inches and weigh 20 lbs!

The eating habits of the species are really interesting to observe! The little ones usually take the bait-fish or the luring fish, scuds, small shrimps and smaller bugs; whereas the grown-up ones absorbs the fresh water sunfish, crayfish, frogs, snakes, salamanders and bats. They sometimes eat small varieties of water birds, mammals, and small reptiles like alligators!

If you take some sensible precautions while you do fishing, then certainly you will be prosperous in catching these species. Try using some plastic worms of different colours and of lighter qualities and you can see the difference! Search them around the pier sides near the towers, the stone structures and underneath the wild plants or flowers. Another area to look for this species is the regions wherever you find the diving birds! Birds love to devour’largemouth bass’ and so if you notice the low flying and diving of birds , you can definitely be sure that there are a number of sizable quantity of’largemouth bass’ underneath! Take care to fish during the first part of the day because this is the time when lots of the’largemouth bass’ come-out in their hiding places! You can also avoid places of high activities because’largemouth bass’ are shy of places of hectic activities. They always like the calm and quiet locations and so search them only at quieter places!

You should make a clear review of the site where you plan to do fishing. The’largemouth bass’ like clear, clean water where there are enough springs that makes the water always clean. They always prefer fresh running water compared to stagnant water. So don’t waste your time in a mucky flow where there is no enough pure or rain water! You also need to avoid the beginning regions of the stream which is too near the banks. These species typically do not prefer such’close to the bank’ locations! Selecting the correct fishing pole and reel is also of much importance. You must go for a very light rod with only 4 to 6 lbs and this could be much suited for the purpose of catching a’largemouth bass’.


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The Florida manatee is a large mammal with a body that tapers down to a paddle like tail. They have two front flippers and every flipper has between three and four nails. The nearest relative to the manatee is the elephant. On average, an adult manatee is approximately 10 feet long and weighs 1000 pounds.

You can find manatees in shallow water coastal regions, slow moving rivers and estuaries, mainly where sea grass beds or fresh water vegetation are abundant. Manatees are a migratory animal. In the United States, manatees are concentrated in Florida during the winter months and in the summer months, manatees may travel as far west as Texas, and north along the Atlantic shore to the Carolinas with some having partnerships as far north as Massachusetts.

Most of the time they are found resting, eating, and on the move. Manatees are herbivorous meaning they’re vegetarian and consume only algae and plants. Manatees may rest on the bottom, or just under the surface, for up to 20 minutes. They can swim close to 20 miles per hour, but do so in just short bursts when scared or attempting to get out of harm’s way,

It’s projected that manatees can live as long as 60 years. They have no known enemies except for man and many human related deaths are caused by watercraft. Ultimately, the manatee’s loss of habitat is the most serious threat in the United States today.

The gestation rate for manatees is 12 months. A female will give birth on average only every two to five decades. Mothers will nurse their young for between 1 and 2 years, during that time the calf will remain dependent on the mother.

Shepherds Pie

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When used as a verb, the word shepherd means to guide something (such as sheep); move them in the direction of where you want them . For sheep, that often means from their pencil to a field of grass where they graze. Therefore, the shepherd shepherds the sheep to the field from their pencil.
A pie is composed of pastry formed into a bowl which will contain a staple food product that the baker selects (meat, vegetables, or fruit). With that much done, the product could be called something other than a pie. When the baker adds a pastry cover (top or lid) then bakes her or his invention, he or she has baked pie. The name shepherd’s pie implies that mutton (the meat of sheep) got baked into the dish. While true, if the baker chooses to use mutton, the name shepherd’s pie applies to some edible food shepherded to the pastry bowl.
You know the title for prepared food products that were not all consumed: leftovers. Shepherd’s pie, a freshly-baked presentation of kitchen leftovers, provides a baker with an array of chance to liven up an otherwise B record meal while functionally clearing the refrigerator of older, yet useable food before it spoils. I’ve seen the name”cowboy’s pie.” A pie will eat (taste) the same if the title changes; the pie itself stays the same. Cowboys herd cattle, as shepherds herd sheep. Some fishermen herd fish into a trap, so you may have fisherman’s pie if you wish, and you probably should call it that if you baked leftover fish in your pie.
If from Argentina, you might consult with your pie as gaucho pie, since a gaucho (the Argentinean word for a cowboy) herds cows while on horseback. Speaking of cows, western Americans prefer the title cattle, and they detest the term boy when speaking to themselves and their tradition of herding cows. They like cattlemen better. Cattlemen’s pie works then, doesn’t it? Additionally, it sounds better than cowboy’s pie. Probably, we should let go there, because cattlemen do not usually herd cows, which live in barns, create dairy products, and make small cows (calves). Just ask Ormond Beach Rat Removal.

Bunny Talk

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Words are extremely important in showing and portraying someone’s emotions. Words make the planet more expressive and meaningful. Therefore, it’s important to be mindful and aware of the words that are blurted out because great consequences may come later. In short, words are strong in the conduct of everyday life.

There are times that we can’t find the perfect words to express something, right? When this happens, we create noises hoping that these are enough to portray whatever we’re feeling.

Animals are known to make noises because they cannot speak. Lions, as an example, roar to get the message across, snakes hiss to tell something, and other animals make noises to attract a partner or scare an enemy. There are several of these that may be observed when you go into the wilderness.

If you are thinking of getting a pet, you should be ready for the noises they make. You wouldn’t want to appear rude by dismissing your pet’s effort to communicate with you. They might be called sound, but these do mean something. Thus, it is important that you understand what to expect so that you won’t get agitated when you hear one.

If you would like a pet bunny, then it is helpful that you know the sounds they make ahead. Here are some of these that they have a tendency to make. Hopefully you can understand the message:

  1. Tooth Grinding (Soft)

2. Port Orange Wildlife Removal

  • When they make this noise, it signifies discomfort or distress.
  1. Grunt
  • It means they are happy, excited and interested.
  1. Growl
  • This means they’re agitated or angry. It may also indicate a fear of something.
  1. Scream

There are times that this means panic, too.

  1. Snort
  • This indicates pleasure while eating or grooming. You should be happy once you hear this because it conveys happiness.
  1. Foot thump
  • It can mean two things: they either sense danger or they are only expressing anger or frustration.
  1. Mating Noises
  • This may sound unthinkable. When hearing such, it would mean they are mating.

Normally, rabbits are quiet but there are other rabbits who prefer to be more”outspoken” in expressing whatever they feel inside. It is excellent to know the meaning of the noise they make because you will know when they’re happy, contented, sad, and sick.

If you cannot provide them with what they need, then you should think about giving them back to the shelter.

Facts About Ferns

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A fern is a sort of plant with about 12,000 species known. They also bear roots, leaves and stalks like other vascular plants but they lack seeds and blossoms.

The expression pteridophyte also refers to ferns. A pteridologist research about ferns and lycophytes. Fossil record indicates that they evolved 360 million years back in the Carboniferous period but vast majority of those living ferns are approximately 145 million years old that evolved in the Cretaceous. They’re not so significant from the commercial point of view but are developed for ornamentation, food or remediating soils. Some are weeds and a few hold special place in mythology, art and culture.

Ferns are vascular plants differing from lycophytes by having leaves that are true. They differ from gymnosperms and angiosperms in lacking seeds and blossoms but bear spores. Their life cycle reveals alternation of production which means it is composed of diploid sporophytic and a haploid gametophytic stage. A spore grows by mitosis and creates gametophyte which develops photosynthetic prothallus. A mobile, flagellated sperm fertilizes the egg that’s connected to the prothallus. A zygote that’s currently diploid produces sporophyte by mitosis.

They prefer to stay in a huge array of habitats ranging from distant mountain elevations, to arid desert stone faces, to bodies of water or in open areas. Generally they prefer four kinds of habitats namely moist, shady forests; crevices in rock faces, particularly when sheltered from the complete sun; acidity wetlands such as bogs and swamps; and tropical trees, where many species are epiphytes.

Many are known to produce relationships with mycorrhizal fungi. The spores are rich supply of lipids, protein and carbs are consumed by a few animals. The stem is generally a underground rhizome but sometimes it’s a ground creeping stolon or semi-woody tree trunk. The leaves are green and photosynthetic and are called fronds due to their horizontal arrangement. Tropophylls participate only in photosynthesis such as the leaves of other vascular plants. Sporophylls produce spores and in comparison with the scales of pines. In addition they photosynthesize like tropophylls. Brophophylls produce abnormally high number of spores. They are fibrous like other vascular plants.

Prothallus is green, photosynthetic structure generally 1 cell thick. It’s heart of bladder shaped measuring 3-10 mm long and 2-8 mm wide. It produces gametes in the kind of antheridia and archegonia. Anteridia are small spherical structures which produce flagellated sperms. Archegonia are flask-shaped structures which produce single egg. Rhizoids are root like construction that absorbs water and minerals. They anchor prothallus to dirt.

FAQ Great Barrier Reef

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Known through out the world since the only naturally built structure that could be seen in the moon, the Great Barrier Reed spans a huge distance of over 2,600 km. This natural formation constructed by billions of coral polyps is a UNESCO World Heritage and has enjoyed some of the world’s accolades as far as marine biodiversity is concerned. It is paramount in study and research of marine organisms in the Pacific region and around the world. Quite honestly, nothing is like it. It’s a behemoth on its own. It’s situated Queensland, Australia.

Life in the Great Barrier is nothing short of easy. The principle of survival of the fittest holds true; planktons supply food for the smallest fishes, which are also the feeding frenzy of smaller fishes, which are also the means of survival for the bigger ones and so on and so forth till it reaches man’s level, the maximum place in the food chain.

The reef has received so much focus from both the neighborhood Australian government as well as from international agencies promoting balance in the natural environment. It is an epitome of natural wealth and treasure which is too precious to ignore. They do what they can to preserve and protect the natural happenings of events from the reef and to lessen the potentially harmful activities that may disrupt the natural balance. The reef is nature’s gift to men; it’s too valuable to just plunder and bangle with.

The reed supports a broad selection of marine life. It is not called one of the seven natural wonders of the world for nothing. True, it amazes those who came to visit; most tourist visiting the world left with an astounding memory of something which is so expansive and an experience that is too precious and unforgettable.

Tourism from the world brings in funds for the Australian government over any other marine thing in Australia. Averaging annually at a whopping A$ 4 billion in 2003. Around 2 million people would visit the Great Barrier Reef annually that subsequently has been argued to post threat to the reef.

Something that is a enormous gift, like in the form of the Great Barrier Reef should be carefully handled. It should be cared for and considered fragile. It’s value should be well discerned in order to maintain its life and its glorious beauty.

The Trees

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There are lots of different types of trees which stem from different areas of the world. Here’s a list of a few of these, in addition to the country’s other national treasures.

Japanese trees:

Japanese trees, often called Cherry Blossoms, are native to a lot of East Asian states like Japan, Korea, and China. The humanity of the blossoms- their attractiveness and speedy death- is frequently associated with mortality, the symbolism of that is usually seen in Western art, anime and movie.

Another treasure from Japan is their yummy fish. Over the fish itself, is the Japanese method of preparing it, called sushi. Sushi has become a beloved food collection amongst people throughout the world.

Maple trees:

The red sugar maple foliage is the outstanding quality of the Canadian flag. It can nevertheless be quite costly when sold overseas.

While Canada isn’t famous for their cuisine, they do have a couple of dishes worth mentioning. Poutine is among them. Poutine is a Quebecois dish which is made up of French fries, cheese curds and hot gravy. By adding the hot sauce on the other components, they melt together, making a delicious- though gluttonous- meal.

Banana trees:

As you may have guessed, banana trees grow bananas and they’re native to tropical South and Southeast Asia. Having said this, today banana trees have been grown in at least 107 states, mostly due to their fruit.

Based upon your culinary preference, South and Southeast Asia have some of the most delicious foods in the world, which range from Indian curries, to Thai mango salads, to the countless types of sticky rice from Laos. Each area has their own spices and ways of preparing dishes which make them authentic.

So you see, as well as ingesting carbon dioxide and providing us oxygen with which to breath and grow things, trees provide food, syrup, beautiful flowers and more.

Artemis Tree Services provide their customers with a complete selection of professional tree care services to make sure your trees, shrubs and hedges stay healthy and beautiful.

Butterflies in Your Yard

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The best way to do this is to supply butterflies with an assortment of plants that are attractive to butterflies native to your region. Don’t just visit the regional big-box retailer and purchase anything with the word”butterfly” in it. Do some basic research on your own, which is quite easy to do online, and you will fare far better.

The first thing you need to do is assess which sort of environment you might have. Is your lawn wooded, or largely a backyard type? Some butterflies will only visit a particular kind of environment, and regardless of what plants you have, they won’t visit them if they’re not in the ideal location.

The next step is to do an online search for your city or county, and see what butterflies are generally found there. As soon as you do so, cross-reference that info with the sort of environment you’ve (woody, garden, etc.. .) . Most often times lists such as that will also record the host plant of the butterfly, but otherwise, you can look for this too.

A host plant is the sort of plant they will lay their eggs . Normally butterflies will have a wide assortment of nectar plants where they will feed, but only 1 host plant that they’ll use to deposit their eggs. The monarch butterfly, as an instance, will feed from many different sort of nectar plants (lantana, periwinkle, pentas, etc.. .) But only have a single host plant, that’s the milkweed. The monarch butterfly is only going to lay their eggs on a milkweed plant, because that’s the only plant which their larvae (caterpillars) can consume.

To draw the most butterflies to your yard, you may have an assortment of nectar plants, but it’s most important to have the host plants. You’ll discover, by planting many of the host plants together, you’ll draw a whole lot of species of butterfly.