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Words are extremely important in showing and portraying someone’s emotions. Words make the planet more expressive and meaningful. Therefore, it’s important to be mindful and aware of the words that are blurted out because great consequences may come later. In short, words are strong in the conduct of everyday life.

There are times that we can’t find the perfect words to express something, right? When this happens, we create noises hoping that these are enough to portray whatever we’re feeling.

Animals are known to make noises because they cannot speak. Lions, as an example, roar to get the message across, snakes hiss to tell something, and other animals make noises to attract a partner or scare an enemy. There are several of these that may be observed when you go into the wilderness.

If you are thinking of getting a pet, you should be ready for the noises they make. You wouldn’t want to appear rude by dismissing your pet’s effort to communicate with you. They might be called sound, but these do mean something. Thus, it is important that you understand what to expect so that you won’t get agitated when you hear one.

If you would like a pet bunny, then it is helpful that you know the sounds they make ahead. Here are some of these that they have a tendency to make. Hopefully you can understand the message:

  1. Tooth Grinding (Soft)


  • When they make this noise, it signifies discomfort or distress.
  1. Grunt
  • It means they are happy, excited and interested.
  1. Growl
  • This means they’re agitated or angry. It may also indicate a fear of something.
  1. Scream

There are times that this means panic, too.

  1. Snort
  • This indicates pleasure while eating or grooming. You should be happy once you hear this because it conveys happiness.
  1. Foot thump
  • It can mean two things: they either sense danger or they are only expressing anger or frustration.
  1. Mating Noises
  • This may sound unthinkable. When hearing such, it would mean they are mating.

Normally, rabbits are quiet but there are other rabbits who prefer to be more”outspoken” in expressing whatever they feel inside. It is excellent to know the meaning of the noise they make because you will know when they’re happy, contented, sad, and sick.

If you cannot provide them with what they need, then you should think about giving them back to the shelter.

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