Sharks are arguably the scariest deep-sea creature in the world. However, there is a much a bigger type of fish than a shark. It’s named Megalodon.

Believe it or not, this sort of fish was incredibly much larger and a lot ferocious in comparison to a shark! It was actually a monstrous prehistoric shark that’s huge enough to swallow an whole elephant.

It is one of the biggest predators that dominated the saline water in the early times.

Megalodon’s skeleton didn’t preserve very well since it was consisted largely of cartilage, instead of bone that’s very similar to that of the contemporary sharks. Theories about the anatomy and feeding habits of Megalodon stem largely from its fossilized teeth, which may reach up to 7 inches in length.

Moreover, experts think that Megalodons may have fed on porpoises and whales since there are a lot of whale bones which shows various teeth marks which could have been from the monstrous type of fish. Believe or not, the minute this monster shark exert more massive pressure with its bite, it is more than sufficient to slice the flesh of some of its prey.

At present, the size of the Megalodon is still a subject of intense debate. When you come right down to it, Megalodon is indeed the hugest fish that flourished in every corner of the planet’s deepest seas during the olden days. And like the sharks, Megalodon proved that it is once a successful species in this world.


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